Brock Turner Judge Gives Harsher Sentence To El Salvador Man Charged In Similar Assault Case | The Debrief

The judge who sentenced Brock Turner, the Stanford swimmer, to six months for being found guilty of rape has now giving a three year sentence to Raul Ramiraz, a 32-year-old man from El Salvador for an almost equal crime.

Ramirez, admitted sexually assaulting his female roommate in an incident that has been compared to that of the Stanford case. Judge Aaron Persky who has dealt with both cases offered this as a plea deal to Ramirez, according to theGuardian.

His bail was also set $50,000 higher than Brock Turner’s at $200,000.

This contrasts to Turner, a white, 20-year-old former Stanford swimmer. Persky sentenced him to just six months in county jail since he was convicted of three counts of sexual assault while attending a fraternity party.

Critics have surfaced saying this could lend weight to the argument that Judge Persky has biases that affect how he works in the courtroom.

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Img: The Debrief


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