Austerity measures are harming the LGBT community’s mental health | PinkNews

A report, by NatCen social research on behalf of UNISON, has revealed that financial cuts and reduced access to services are resulting in LGBT mental health care being left by the wayside.

In 2015, funding from the NHS to provide mental health services had fallen by 8.25 per cent over the course of the last parliament.

The report revealed that there are long waiting lists, reduced access or no specific services at all for the LGBT community.

One service provider said: “Trans youth are particularly vulnerable due to the risk of self-harm and suicide, but services to support them are lacking, with CAHMS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) teams often refusing to support young people due to lack of knowledge on trans issues.”

Some have had to deny themselves counselling because they have to be cautious about spending money due to employment instability, difficulty getting mortgages and higher private rents.

One trans woman said: “I had to choose between paying privately to treat my mental health and saving in order to provide a stable housing situation for myself, my partner and future family.”


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