Kingston’s leading open-mic night is not what it used to be | The River

Word of Mouth is no longer Word of Mouth. What used to be a goose bump causing social event has lost its soul and feels like it is for one clique.

Word of Mouth is an open mic night that first happened in October 2014 by an ex-KU student to be an open place for all and for creativity to flow.

Word of Mouth was one man’s passion and it showed. I would feel invigorated every time I went. I introduced a lot of friends to it and made a few along the way.

His vision was to have a platform for anybody and everybody, he was happy for it to not be profit-making because he believed in it.

He had strict rules such as to respect people by not talking while they performed, to clap, to make friends and get creative.

It became more and more popular in the past year that speaking, shouting, generally being loud and being drunk were more important than respecting some performers.

It started with about 30 people hanging out in Knight’s Park bar and became such a popular event that the bar would regularly be at capacity.

St. Patrick ’s Day 2015 was the craziest and coolest I have ever seen in Knight’s Park even to this day.

I originally went along out of solidarity because we knew the creator and it ended up being the only night out we would always go to.

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