There is finally a glimmer of hope for renters

Being a part of generation rent in the UK generally means you live at the whims of your landlord whether they are reliable or complete scamming cowboys. And if you rent in London chances are you are paying more monthly than people across the country do on their mortgages. But there is finally a silver… Continue reading There is finally a glimmer of hope for renters


The government budget: what you need to know

The spring budget for the government is given by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, currently The Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP, to the House of Commons outlining the state of the economy and the government’s proposals for changes to taxation. However, this has been the last spring budget as the 2016 Autumn Statement announced, following the 2017 Spring… Continue reading The government budget: what you need to know

Meet the GRL who balances a career in law with a creative side hustle

Meet Emma Louise Flood aka Emii Lou Ryot. She works in the legal sector by day with a side hustle as the creative director of Ryot GRL, a make-up collective. Emma and her friend Rosin started the business in March last year. They both worked on make-up counters throughout their time studying for their degrees.… Continue reading Meet the GRL who balances a career in law with a creative side hustle

Which is the most ethical supermarket?

Millennials have more shopping choices than any other generation before. But they do not base their choice entirely on what is the cheapest despite also being the most cash-strapped generation. Neilson, a consumer research company, found that millennials who are willing to pay more for products and services that come from companies who are committed… Continue reading Which is the most ethical supermarket?